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GTFAB PM-D (PIC) writer

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he GTFAB PM-D writer is the only USB writer that can be used under the official MICROCHIP IDE-MPLAB IDE in China. It is designed and manufactured by the official support of MCHP and supports the WINDOWS XP / 2000 system. It has the following advantages:

1. Real USB 2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1 in the future, completely abandon the strategy of pseudo USB interface to ensure the speed of programming;

2. Support PIC mainstream series MCU currently used in China, and support PIC18J series, DSC30 / 33 / PIC24 series products. Real PIC full range of low-end programmers;

3. Optional our special adapter, support multi-pin chip package chip programming;

4. Fast programming of MCU with a large capacity of more than 128K bytes;

5. The programming and CHECKSUM algorithm are consistent with the manufacturer to ensure the programming depth, speed and verification reliability;

6. Upgrade the configuration file to complete the new chip support to ensure stable software performance and reliable loading of firmware drivers;

7. Rich serial number programming, will realize all serial number programming functions of MCHP one after another. The serial number can be programmed in the EE area, the program area, and the ID area; the multi-byte serial number provides two sequential address programming; you can choose to ignore the high byte of the byte to facilitate programming in special industries; automatically identify the wrong serial number address; Code filling in the free program space;

8. Professional technical support team to quickly solve technical problems for customers;

9, Provide plug-in, can be used under MPLAB IDEV7.51, in line with the habits of the majority of PIC old users. The plug-in can choose Chinese and English interface to meet the diverse needs of users;

10. The software will be upgraded free of charge, and follow-up support for various FLASH programming




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