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XILINX USB download debugger

  • Model: XILINX USB download debugger
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1. Features:

 High-performance FPGA and PROM design and configuration

· Innovative FPGA latest products and related firmware download

· Design of High Speed Slave Serial Download Mode

· Recommended for prototype development


2. Simple to use

· Plug and play equipment

· USB bus power supply (no external power supply required)

· The target download clock frequency is optional, up to 24MHz

· Compatible with Full-Speed (Hi-Speed) and USB ports

· LED power status display

· Firmware software ISE v6.3.03i supports iMPACT and ChipScope ™ (only for Windows)

· Firmware software ISE software v7.1i supports Linux

Support boundary scan and Slave Serial configuration mode

· Complete and optimized Xilinx® iMPACT software application

· Visual, multi-level download management application

· Supports the following operating systems:

——Microsoft Windows XP Professional

——Microsoft Windows Vista

——Windows 2000

——Red Hat Enterprise Linux

——SUSE Linux Enterprise

· Automatically identify and adapt to target I / O voltage

· Compatible with visual device voltage range

5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5V, 1.8V and 1.5V


3. Reliability

· Backward compatible with Cable USB platforms including Pb-Free (RoHS-compliant)

· USB Comprehensive Forum (USB-IF) certification

· Comply with CE and FCC standards

· Industry standards: including JTAG boundary scan IEEE 1149.1, SPI and USB 2.0

Project and configuration of all Xilinx equipment

· Platform FLASH XCF00S / XCF00P / XL PROMs

· XC4000FPGA family series

· CoolRunner XPLA3

· CoolRunner-II

· Spartan

· Spartan-3

· Spartan-3A

· Spartan-3A DSP

· Spartan-3AN

· Spartan-3E

· Spartan-II

· Spartan-IIE

· Virtex

· Virtex-E

· Virtex-II

· Virtex-II Pro

· Virtex-4

· Virtex-5 FX

· Virtex-5 LXT

· Virtex-5 SXT

· XC18Vxx Series

· XC9500

· XC9500XL

· XC9500XV

· ...

Note: The above devices need to be programmed and configured through Xilinx iMPACT software.

Programming support for third-party PROM devices

· Select SPI FLASH memory device for direct programming

· Choose SPI or indirectly program flash memory device through FPGAJTAG port


Fourth, highly optimized Xilinx design tools

· ISE® Foundation ™ software

· Embedded Development Kit

· ChipScope ™ Pro Analyzer

· DSP system generator


5. Fully compatible with XILINX Platform Cable USB & XILINX Platform Cable USB Ⅱ

1. Target device VCC compatible 1.5V--5V

2. Configurable for all Xilinx devices

3. Supports iMPACT and ChipScope

4. Support JTAG and Slave Serial configuration mode

5. Target device download clock is optional, up to 24 MHz

6. LED status indicator indicates the power status of the target device

7. Easy to use, only computers with USB ports are required, no parallel port required




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