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Function introduction: 

(stable and reliable performance compatible with the original ATEML JTAG), exquisite shell, stable and practical functions:
1. At the same time, it fully supports AVR Studio 4.XX and IAR System.
2. Support all AVR series MCUs with JTAG interface.
3. Realize all electrical performance of AVR single chip microcomputer.
4. The digital or analog functions in the chip can be fully realized.
5. A single step (step), continuous, breakpoint, variable with data or program space breakpoint can be realized during program execution.
6. Support assembly and high-level language (C, C ++) development.
7. Can program Flash, EEPROM, fuse bit and encryption bit.
8. The communication rate can reach 115200bps.
9. Support simulation voltage 2.3 ~ 6V, JTAG emulator can be powered by target or external power supply.
10. Use the original AVR Studio upgrade file. When there is a new version, it can be automatically detected and automatically upgraded.




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