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Real-Multi-ICE (parallel port) ARM emulator

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100% compatible with ARM original Multi-ICE. It can be combined with ADS V1.2 integrated development environment to support a full line of ARM processor cores. ◆ Support all ARM processors with built-in embedded-ICE logic unit
◆ Support all debugging tool software in compliance with RDI 1.50 or RDI 1.51 specifications
◆ Compatible with different voltage target systems
◆ Support simultaneous debugging of multiple core systems
◆ Do not occupy any resources on the target board
◆ Support real-time hardware breakpoints
◆ Modify register and memory content
◆ The emulator contains CPU and has self-checking function
◆ The emulator contains overvoltage and overcurrent protection circuits
◆ Support program download and real-time debugging; fast communication speed, up to 10Mbpps, JTAG speed can be set
◆ Support for multiple target platforms, such as ATMEL, SamSung, Intel, Philips, Sharp, Cirrus Logic, Tricend, etc.

Supported ARM cores are: ARM7TDMI, ARM9E / T, ARM10E / T
Supported operating systems: Windows 95/98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP, X86 RedHat Linux 6.2 / 7.1 / 7.2.




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